According a recent report by the Canadian government women represent only 10.3% of seats on Canadian boards.

On the road to leadership positions, women, particularly those of diverse ethnic backgrounds, are often faced with many challenges, such as inadequate access to leadership, networks, mentors and coaches.

At MAX we believe that enabling diversity and inclusion for all women in both corporate and community spaces is the key to enabling success and growth for Canada overall.

We are thrilled to share the next frontier for all our efforts around motivating and recognizing professional, charitable and educational achievements of Muslims in Canada: MAX Women in Leadership (WIL).

Our mission is to cultivate and increase leadership and representation for all Muslim Women. 

As an organization, MAX is committed to gender diversity, as can be reflected in the following numbers:

  • 11 out of 20 of the MAX Executive are women  
  • 6 out of 14 MAX Advisory Board Members are women
  • 40% of Mentors and 54% of Mentees are women 
  • 21 female and 19 male scholarship winners will be recognized at MAX Gala 2018

MAX Women in Leadership will explore ideas around how we can celebrate and share the experiences of highly accomplished women, thus connecting and mobilizing Muslim women across Canada to create value and work together.

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