Project Description

A Finance Manager by day but a community activist at heart, Shaila Kibria Carter works towards fighting inequality in the community.

Shaila is most known for her passion in alleviating poverty, speaking for the oppressed, and joining alliances to help improve the political atmosphere.

Shaila’s favourite moto is by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)  “Feed the hungry. Visit the sick. Set free the captives”.

Shaila Kibria Carter has been involved in raising money for the Syrian refugees, fundraising for marginalized Black youth, and being a voice for the Muslim Women’s Collective, an initiative that came forth when women in the community realized that something had to be done about the gender inequality in the world.

Shaila is called upon for interfaith dialogue for opening ceremonies. Shaila sincerely loves working with people of different cultures and religions. She strives to build bridges between different faiths.

Shaila is also a mother of four, loving wife, and daughter to one of the first Bangladeshi Immigrants to Canada.