Project Description

Sarah Khetty is the Senior Brand Manager for Brand, Private Label, and Digital at Maple Lodge Farms, including working on the Zabiha Halal brand. Through her leadership on the Zabiha Halal brand, Sarah has been outspoken when it comes to the need for Muslims to be inclusive when it comes to each other and those of other faiths as well as battling Islamophobia and encouraging South Asian women to push their limits and take on leadership positions. Her education and background in accounting mean that her advocacy and marketing efforts are based on data, insights, and facts as a means for creating understanding and delivering against consumer needs.

Prior to joining the Maple Lodge Farms team, Sarah at another great Canadian, family-owned company, McCain Foods Limited. During her 8 year tenure there she had the opportunity to work on iconic brands and products, including McCain Pizza Pockets and McCain Deep ‘n Delicious desserts as well as work on the Global Innovation & Strategy team. She is also a proud Wilfrid Laurier graduate who is a self-declared nerd who enjoys sudukos, reading, and Canadian television.