Project Description

Kashmala Qasim completed her undergraduate studies in Psychology from the University of Toronto and completed a Masters in Neuroscience from McMaster University, with a focus on mental health and obesity. She has also completed the Taleem ul Qu’ran Diploma course from Al Huda Institute, and is currently teaching there, as well as pursuing a PhD at York University in Social Psychology. Kashmala has been a lecturer in the Department of Psychology at the Islamic Online University, and has also received Level 1 Pastoral Counselling training from the University of Toronto. Kashmala is also the founder and lead of SPICES Community Engagement at McMaster University, through which she conducted several healthy active living workshops in the community and provided free of charge family and marriage counselling sessions. Her research interests include: Socio-cultural challenges faced by the Muslim community in accessing health care resources, perceptions of the Muslim community in seeking mental health care and development of a culturally sensitive model for psychotherapy.