Project Description

Neurologist , Professor & Clinical Researcher

Dr. Rand Askalan is a Staff Neurologist at Sick Kids Children’s Hospital in Toronto. Askalan’s clinical research projects investigate the causes, presentations, management and outcomes of stroke in children. One of her projects is focused on dystonia resulting from childhood stroke. Dystonia is a movement disorder that may result from brain damage. Some of the children who suffered a stroke in a brain structure called the basal ganglia develop dystonia months-years after their stroke. Using a technology called transcranial magnetic stimulation, Askalan’s research is trying to understand the cause of dystonia in these children and subsequently design therapies that may improve their quality of life.

Dr. Rand has been recognized for her work. Her Awards include the Clinician-Scientist Award, Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario (2007-2010). In addition, she has received the Prichard Day Annual Award for Excellence in Resident’s Research, Division of Neurology, Sick Kids, (2003 & 2005). Dr. Rand also was awarded the PSI Resident Research Award (2004).