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Develop Muslim youth facing barriers into the great leaders of tomorrow who will solve the big & real problems in this world to make it a better place.

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MAX Youth Fellowship is a program that provides Muslim students and young professionals with the opportunity to develop essential soft skills, form strong social networks, and gain meaningful mentorship to catalyze excellence amongst the Canadian Muslim community and help a new generation break glass ceilings.

Our youth at the end of the program receive a $300 bursary.

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I’ve gained leadership skills and a better mindset. And now I volunteer for ‘Lets Talk Science’ and I’m involved in ‘MedLife Club’ at school to fundraise money for charities


Age 15 - Syrian Canadian

My communication skills and confidence has improved a lot. I can see results in my daily life. I’ve also made a lot of new friends.


Age 20 - Syrian Refugee

The program has improved my mindset and I am thinking about my future. I never thought about my future or career before the program.


Age 15 - Nigerian Refugee

The content of the workshop is very helpful, easy to understand and very well conducted by the facilitator. Even as a mentor I feel the content is very relevant and helpful.

Omar, Mentor

Medical student at University of Toronto

The workshop environment is such that it is easy for everyone to feel safe and comfortable to speak up, which is very important

Maryam, Mentor

Teacher Candidate

I have attended public speaking workshops from highly respected training companies and all the points covered and presented at the MYF workshop were spot on. 

Shahina, Mentor

Senior Manager, RBC

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By Omar Nulla

by Mariam Tazkarji

by Saif Khan

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MYF Graduation 2019

by Shirin Al-Asmi

by Mariam Tazkarji

by Shahed Al-Asmi 

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MAX Youth Fellowship Founder and Chair
Research Principal Investigator

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Designer & Facilitator

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For any question or inquiry, please contact us via e-mail at fellowship@maxgala.com


When does the program begin?

The next recruitment cycle for youth learners and mentors begins in October 2019. The program will start in December 2019 and run all the way through to August 2020.

Am I eligible to be a Youth Learner?

Our program caters to high school youth in the age rage of 14 to 20 years old. We are looking for youth who are facing barriers but are driven, motivated and want to create a positive change in their lives and the world.

Am I eligible to be a Mentor?

We are looking for mentors who are 21 years old or older and who are passionate about helping others and building a stronger community.

What will I gain?

Skills: Both the youth learner and mentor develop essential soft skills such as Leadership, Storytelling, Emotional intelligence, Computer Programming, Financial Literacy, Design Thinking & Innovation and more!

Friends: You will also make new like-minded friends and build your professional and social network.

Mentors: You will find caring and supporting mentors to help you navigate school and life.

What is the time commitment for youth learners?

We expect our youth learners to commit at least 9-10 hours per month towards the program. This includes, but not limited to:

  • 3 hours bi-weekly workshops
  • 1 hour bi-weekly reflection activities (at home) 
  • 1  hour of meeting with your mentor each month
  • 15-min monthly check-ins with program coordinators

How many youth learners and mentors will be part of the next cycle?

We are looking to recruit around 30 youth and 30 mentors for the next cycle of the program (Dec 2019 – Aug 2020)

How can I apply to be a Volunteer?

Send us an email at Fellowship@Maxgala.com with subject title: “Volunteer opportunity for MYF”