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Dalia Mogahed: Scholar and Activist

Dalia Mogahed is the Director of Research at the Washington, D.C. based Institute for Social Policy and Understanding (ISPU), an organization which studies American Muslim community development and engagement with the broader public. From 2006 to 2012, Mogahed served as an executive director of the Gallup Centre for Muslim Studies, a think-tank dedicated to studying [...]

Dalia Mogahed: Scholar and Activist2017-09-20T17:48:18-04:00

Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi: Mathematician

Born in the late 8th century and living primarily in Baghdad, Al-Khwarizmi was one of the most influential mathematicians of all time. His work was revolutionary and provided a new approach to mathematics shifting emphasis from geometrical to algebraic representations. He was the one who invented the notion of “a thing” or more commonly known [...]

Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi: Mathematician2017-09-08T16:11:47-04:00

Fatima Al-Fihri: Founder of the Oldest University in the World

Fatima Al-Fihri emigrated from present-day Tunisia to Fez, Morocco with her family in the early 9th century. Fatima and her sister Mariam were well-educated and wealthy women who wanted to use their wealth for the benefit of their community. In 859 CE, Fatima established the Al-Qarawiyyin Mosque and the University of Al-Qarawiyyin, the oldest university in [...]

Fatima Al-Fihri: Founder of the Oldest University in the World2017-08-24T17:01:15-04:00

Muhammad Ali: Boxer

Named the Sports Personality of the Century by the BBC, the Greatest Athlete of the 20th Century by Sports Illustrated and Fighter of the Year six times by Ring Magazine, Muhammad Ali (1942-2016) will always be regarded as one of the world's greatest boxers. Celebrated not only for his athletic skills, his legendary stature continues [...]

Muhammad Ali: Boxer2017-08-14T23:37:21-04:00

Salman Khan: Educator

Bill Gates, Google and AT&T recognize him as a hero. His organization has revolutionized the way education is spread across borders and to the masses, free of any cost to the student. With the mission to 'provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere', Khan Academy was founded by Salman Khan - a hero to the [...]

Salman Khan: Educator2017-06-29T08:51:29-04:00

Ismail Al-Jazari: Master Engineer and Father of Robotics

Ismail al-Jazari was a famous engineer and craftsman who was a master in automata and mechanical inventions. Born in 1136 CE, Al-Jazari would go on to become the chief engineer for the Turkish Artuqid Dynasty. In his book “A Compendium on the Theory and Useful Practice of the Mechanical Arts”, he describes in detail 50 [...]

Ismail Al-Jazari: Master Engineer and Father of Robotics2017-06-18T23:16:52-04:00

Furakh Mir

Furakh Mir is a Canadian Muslim lawyer, currently practicing in Mississauga, Ontario. She obtained her Honours B.A. from the University of Toronto in 2002 and Bachelor of Laws, LL.B. from the University of Windsor in 2005. Presently, she acts as the principal lawyer at Mir Law Office, serving clients across the Greater Toronto Area. As a [...]

Furakh Mir2017-03-24T23:44:28-04:00

Benjie M. Thomas

Benjie leads the Private Equity and Pension Plan Advisory practice and is located in Toronto. Benjie has more than 12 years experience assisting private equity funds and strategic buyers plan and execute on acquisitions, reorganizations and divestitures. Mr. Thomas is also a member of KPMG Canada’s board. In his over 14 years of Transaction Services experience, [...]

Benjie M. Thomas2017-03-24T23:43:23-04:00

Soheila Esfahani

Soheila Esfahani grew up in Tehran, Iran, and moved to Canada in 1992. She has practiced as an artist and educator for more than a decade. She received her Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Western Ontario and her BA in Fine Arts from the University of Waterloo. She is a recipient of [...]

Soheila Esfahani2017-03-24T23:42:21-04:00