As an obstetrician, I know first hand the importance of education in determining good outcomes for mothers and their newborns. One of the prime determinants of health and prosperity in any country is the level of female education.

Mothers educate the household and the nation. “Despite progress in recent years, girls continue to suffer severe disadvantage and exclusion in education systems throughout their lives” [UNICEF].
Educated women in our community can serve as role models for women all over the world. Technological advancements, including the use of social media, can mean that the impact that these educated individuals may have can be far-reaching and very advantageous for our community.

We have a responsibility to make women equal players in our homes, jobs, masjids and organizations. Education is essential in this journey.

Open to all female undergraduate and graduate students in university or college in Canada, as of September 2018 who demonstrate excellence in academics, athletics, business, religion, or ethics. The objective of this award is to recognize and reward female students who have excelled in academics and combined this achievement with outstanding contributions to their school and/or community.


By recognizing female students in all areas of study who have shown strong academic talent and community engagement this scholarship is intended to encourage more women to continue pursuing their goals and dreams.
Amount of Each Award: $5,000

Number of Awards: 1

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Application Deadline: [ApplicationDeadline]

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Applicants must:

  • Be a female
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