Sajda Khatoon was an inspiration to her children and grandchildren. With fortitude and determination, she raised and educated 4 kids in Pakistan and then came to North America where she helped raise upright and humble, yet very educated grandchildren. She sacrificed herself over and over for the sake of her children and grandchildren.

She is remembered vividly and with a smile on their faces by all of her kids and grandchildren, and she passed on the importance of being a close knit and supportive family to them. Their success and bond today is a testament to her wisdom and teachings.

Open to all undergraduate and graduate students in university or college in Canada, as of September 2018. Recipients of this award will have demonstrated excellence in two or more of any combination of academics, athletics, business, religion, or ethics.


MAX All Star scholarships aim to recognize and reward remarkable, well-rounded students who have excelled in academics and combined this achievement with outstanding contributions to their school and community.

Amount of Each Award: $5,000

Number of Awards: 1

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