Razia Sultana throughout her entire life embodied the spirit of “living for others”. She would always be the first one to step up when someone was in need whether that be in the form of monetary support, lending a helping hand or as simple as praying for them. Her selflessness and concern for her fellow human beings was exemplary and continues to be an inspiration for her children and grandchildren. With this scholarship we hope to honor and continue her legacy of promoting the spirit of “living for others”


MAX Humanitarian scholarship is intended to celebrate the spirit of an individual who has selflessly set on a path to better the world. This individual actively participates in activities pertaining to human welfare, demonstrates compassion and is dedicated to improving the lives of others.

Amount of Each Award: $3,000

Number of Awards: 1

Application Opens: [ApplicationOpens]

Application Deadline: [ApplicationDeadline]

Disbursement of Funds: [DisbursementOfFunds]

Award Date: [AwardDate]

Applicants must:

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  • Demonstrate Excellence of Character: A candidate may use the essay to elaborate on his or her character by describing certain scenarios in which he or she has demonstrated good character in a difficult situation. Please note that eligible applicants will be required to submit a character reference letter (not from family member or friend)
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