The Mohamed Foundation Scholarship for Outstanding Achievement has been donated by Dr. Roubiya Mohamed and Mr. Sameem Mohamed. Roubiya is a family physician who graduated from University of Western Ontario and Sameem is a Professional Engineer and a graduate of the University of Waterloo. Being Muslims & professionally successful in their fields, they would like to encourage young Muslims pursuing higher education. They are currently offering this scholarship to schools and other organizations. The scholarships will be awarded to two high school graduating students pursuing post secondary education, one in engineering and one in medicine at the University level.


MAX Engineering and Medicine scholarships intend to recognize students who aim to pursue engineering or medicine at the university level, and have demonstrated excellence in academics, strong community service and outstanding contributions to their school.

Amount of Each Award: $3,000

Number of Awards: 2

Application Opens: [ApplicationOpens]

Application Deadline: [ApplicationDeadline]

Disbursement of Funds: [DisbursementOfFunds]

Award Date: [AwardDate]

Applicants Must:

  • Planning to pursue a post secondary education, in engineering or medicine at the University level (proof of enrollment will be required before the award is given)
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