Maimoona Wasi Ahmed, mother to nine children and grandmother to forty grandchildren, was an ardent advocate of higher education for those who had the potential but not the means to pursue it. Her own life reflected her drive to educate. She was privately a poet and writer, publishing in notable Pakistani women’s literary magazines. She had dreamed of becoming a doctor but was unable to due to financial necessities (of note a granddaughter and grandson are now physicians). She was incredibly well-read on a wide-range of topics from history to science to religion, and passed this love of knowledge onto her children and grandchildren.

Maimoona Wasi was instrumental in the education of numerous young peoples in Pakistan, many of whom went onto pursue stellar professional or academic careers. She provided for these often destitute children, while also working within her community to combat poverty.

Her many descendants, who have taken on her ideals of community service and rigorous academic education have created this scholarship to honour her legacy.

The Maimoona Wasi Memorial University/College All Star Scholarship is meant to reward excellence in academics and community involvement, for those in financial need.

Open to all undergraduate and graduate students in university or college in Canada, as of September 2018. Recipients of this award will have demonstrated excellence in two or more of any combination of academics, athletics, business, religion, or ethics.


MAX All Star Achievement Needs Based scholarships aims to support students who demonstrated financial need and/or have persevered through challenging circumstances while maintaining a spirit of academic excellence and community service.
Amount of Each Award: $3,000

Number of Awards: 1

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Applicants must:

  • In need of financial assistance
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