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A Radiologist at Bluewater Health and Adjunct Professor at Western University, Vajid Khan grew up in Ottawa and has trained in every major city in Ontario. This has allowed him the pleasure of meeting many talented and diverse Muslims. He is the current President of the Muslim Medical Association of Canada (MMAC).

Vajid is passionate about building up the Muslim community and envisions the MMAC playing a critical role in helping our ummah unite and collaborate for the benefit of our community, all Canadians and all humanity. Based out of Oakville, he founded Fungama, a local charity picnic, games day and amateur volleyball tournament held in the summer which raises funds to sponsor 25 orphans from Muslim countries on an annual basis (www.fungama.org).

He strongly feels it is the responsibility of those with much to care for those with less, and is determined to do his part to restore balance and inspire others to do the same.

“Get a summer job or win scholarships.” were the half-jokingly-relayed options given to Dr. Vajid Khan by his parents toward the start of high school. Coming from a family that was neither poor nor rich and with parents that were highly supportive of his efforts and generous in their contributions toward his education, Vajid chose to focus on his studies and win scholarships in order to fund what he knew would be a lengthy and costly education.


The criteria on which this scholarship will be awarded are based on the areas Dr. Vajid Khan and/or his parents emphasized from a young age and are set at a high level of achievement. Scholarships like this one are meant to ease some of the large financial burden placed on every medical trainee’s shoulders. You should only have to worry about becoming a good doctor and saving lives. This scholarship is meant to help one such future doctor focus on doing exactly that

Amount of Each Award: $10,000

Number of Awards: 1

Application Opens: December 1, 2018

Application Deadline: February 28, 2019

Disbursement of Funds: Winter 2019

Award Date: October 5, 2019

Applicants must:

  • Self-identify as Muslim
  • Have Canadian Status: Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • Meet the Medical School Enrollment Requirement: Eligible applicants must be enrolled in or accepted into any Canadian medical school in any year of study. Those in residency or without medical school acceptance in Canada are ineligible
  • Demonstrate Academic Excellence: Demonstrate academic excellence as measured by an applicant’s medical school GPA and class grade average. If a candidate has not yet started medical school, then he or she may submit a university (bachelor’s degree) GPA and class grade average
  • For Quebec Medical School Programs Only: A CEGEP diploma GPA and class grade average (if available) may be submitted by students who have been accepted into a Quebec-based medical program without completing another University degree
  • Demonstrate Excellence in Community Service: Eligible applicants will have a proven track record of community service toward both Muslim and non-Muslim causes. This may be discussed in a candidate’s essay
  • Demonstrate Excellence in Extra-Curricular Interests: Eligible applicants will be involved in a variety of extra-curricular interests and will have demonstrated excellence in one or more of these interests. Categories could include but are not limited to sports, art of any form, innovation, technology, entrepreneurship, mentorship etc. These should be listed in the candidate’s CV and may be elaborated upon in his or her essay.
  • Demonstrate Dedication to Improving One’s Deen: Eligible candidates will have a commitment to improving his or her deen and preferably will have demonstrated and proven involvement in assisting others with the same. Each candidate must explicitly address this point in his or her essay
  • Demonstrate Excellence of Character: A candidate may use the essay to elaborate on his or her character by describing certain scenarios in which he or she has demonstrated good character in a difficult situation. Please note that eligible applicants will be required to submit a character reference letter (not from family member or friend)
  • Financial Need: The above criteria are the most important but in the event of a tie between similar candidates, the candidate with demonstrated financial need that may impede their ability to pursue his or her education or produce undue hardship will be favoured. Requires essay description of one’s financial need and related obstacles in the essay requirement
  • Averages are not rounded-up for scholarship purposes
  • All courses must be completed before starting post-secondary studies
  • Applicants who have been short-listed as finalists for the scholarship will be notified by email or phone in late May
  • If you are short listed as a finalist you will be invited to a panel interview between May and July 2019. More details about the interview process will be emailed at a later time.
  • If you are a winner of the scholarship, you will also be expected to attend the Scholarship Reception (date to be confirmed at a later point) where you will be profiled as a winner, and the Annual MAX Gala on October 5, 2019.
  • All winners are also expected to contribute 50 hours of volunteer service with MAX the following year. Through this, we hope to encourage meaningful engagement among our Scholarship Winners with MAX and the community at large while providing young Muslims with opportunities for mentorship and learning.
  • If required, reference letters can be uploaded directly to us here

Applicants must:

  • Complete the scholarship application form by February 28, 2019
  • Fill out application in full including essay questions
  • Include documents providing proof of citizenship or permanent residency
  • Include documents providing proof of enrollment or acceptance into a Canadian medical school
  • Include an updated CV with a contact person who can verify each activity under community service and extra-curricular activities. Name, Title, E-mail Address and Phone Number for each
  • Upload unofficial transcript for courses taken to date (a photocopy or printout is acceptable at time of application); if short-listed as a finalist, a final official transcript must be provided by your school
  • Include an unofficial medical school transcript, if available
  • Submit Essay Responses found on the application form
  • Include documents such as those demonstrating hours of community service
  • Include copies of any awards, letters of excellence, or other authorized documents demonstrating excellence
Scholarship Application Form

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  1. Please complete the scholarship application form
  2. Please note: You may apply to up to 4 scholarship categories, but only one MAX Scholarship will be awarded per finalist.
  3. All applications must be completed online by the deadline date. Scanned or mailed applications will not be accepted. Applications must be complete upon submission in order to be processed and assessed.
Scholarship Application Form