What challenges lie before Muslims worldwide? What will it take to sustain our communities in the face of these challenges?
We need youth to be strong, proud, and knowledgeable Agents of Change who can stand up for justice and build healthy, thriving, communities.


The Deep Roots Project exists to nurture the leaders of the future through a series of leadership training opportunities.
We cultivate 5 essential “Roots” of leadership in youth participants: Heritage, Sincerity, Service, Self-Respect, & Vision


Many leadership programs emphasize outward traits like efficiency and eloquence that aren’t sustainable without first establishing the deep roots needed to achieve impactful leadership.

We nurture the roots that make youth steadfast and enduring.


Youth Attend the Deep Roots Retreat

Youth attend a meticulously organized retreat in Andalusia, Spain that will empower them with Islamic Tarbiya, an inspiriting knowledge of Islamic history, as well as leadership and community development skills. Youth are moved through a process that includes engagement, reflection, education, development and action.

The daily programme includes prayer, educational sessions, activities, visits to historic sites, and social bonding. Leadership and service opportunities are integrated with the programme.

The programme is coordinated by Andalucian Routes and the Deep Roots Team. The team and mentors will lead the youth through the programme.


Participants can engage in the following opportunities to demonstrate active leadership:

1 – Deliver a Deep Roots workshop in their home city
2 – Practice a year of Service in their home city
3 – Participate in a Deep Roots Internship in Spain (Summer, 2019)
4 – Attend the Deep Roots Summit in Spain (August, 2019)

For more information:
Website: www.deeprootsproject.org
Email: connect@deeprootsproject.org


Andalucian Routes will award a Deep Routes Leadership scholarship to a high school, university or college student aged 14 - 19 in Canada (as of September 2018) who has demonstrated excellence in academics, athletics, business, religion, or ethics. The objective of this award is to recognize and reward students who have excelled in academics and combined this achievement with outstanding contributions to their school and/or community.

Award Value: $3,000 (not a monetary scholarship)

Number of Awards: 2

Application Opens: [ApplicationOpens]

Application Deadline: [ApplicationDeadline]

Disbursement of Funds: [DisbursementOfFunds]

Award Date: [AwardDate]

Tour Dates: TBA

Applicants Must:

  • Be between the age of 14  and 19
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  • The Deep Roots Scholarship is not a monetary award. The award is valued at $3,000 which covers the cost of the trip + tour+ flight and accommodation
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