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Project Description

Mubeena Mistry is currently in her first year at Queen’s University, in the Science (Honours) program. She was a recipient of the Walied & Deena All-Star High School Award last year. Mubeena is an active member of the Muslim community. She has previously served as a Student Minister within her local community, and has also received a Youth Volunteer Service Award by the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration, for her commitment to volunteerism and community engagement.

In May 2016, she won first place with her speech on Islamophobia at the National French Public Speaking Contest in Ottawa. In addition to having excelled academically, Mubeena was also a student leader at her high school, having been Co-Chair of Adolescents for Community Teamwork as well as Peer Tutoring; she is now actively involved in the Queen’s community, as First-Year Representative of QIMSA and a volunteer through Queen’s Cancer Triad.