Project Description

Hameed Mohammed is the CEO of Vision Investment Group.  He started this company in 2000, with a small budget and only 2 employees.  Today this company handles more than 30 million in sales worldwide, with full time staff of over 50 employees.

Hameed Mohammed is a serial entrepreneur, from his initial computer business background to opening additional businesses in many other industries including health care.

Hameed Mohammed is well known in the region of Cambridge and Muslim community for his generous charity work and development projects ranging from sponsoring Syrian families, orphans, to the reemployment of local families in need.

He has generously donated to, many Canadian charities in Ontario, both within and outside the Muslim community.

Hameed is currently the executive director of the Food Bank in Cambridge, a volunteer position that allows him to share his exceptional business leadership expertise to this well deserving cause.

Cambridge Chamber of Commerce acknowledges that Hameed Mohammed has served faithfully in their technology committee and government relations committee for the past 12 years.

Hameed is actively involved with the YMCA to hire new immigrants and refugees. He has been acknowledged with many awards for his efforts with engaging and empowering the community members to excel towards a better and brighter future.

Mr. Hameed has BSEET and is currently pursuing a corporate law degree.