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MAX invites you to showcase your artistic talent and unique story-telling ability by presenting us with a short 30s-2 min video to highlight prominent social issues and promote positive social change.

Create and submit your video, promote your work on social media to get community votes, compete based on judges and votes for a chance to win the $5000 prize!

Everyone talks about it, so let’s do something about it!

  • Our inaugural year’s theme is about Islamophobia

  • How does it affect Muslims?

  • How does it affect society as whole?

  • What can we do about issues like this?

  • What are some positive aspects of Islam to counter this?

  • What does a normal Muslim look like and examples of amazing Muslims?

  • Address one or some or all of these in your amazing video!

  • As for what aspect of the theme you choose to highlight, that’s up to you!

  • We are looking for submissions that are insightful and demonstrate a unique style and narrative

So get creative and highlight your unique perspective!

Why MAX Film for Change?

Commitment to positive social change is a huge part of Islam.

Furthermore, at MAX we believe it is important that Muslim Canadians think critically about a range of social issues and take a leadership role to becoming a force of positive change.

We hope that through this competition, we are able to create nuanced dialogue on complex topics, encourage competitors to examine and critique social issues, and shed light on these issues from a range of fresh perspectives.

Many societal issues often intersect in complex ways on the basis of culture, ethnicity, socioeconomics, race, gender, and more.

Drawing attention to these and generating critical but respectful conversation is the first step to making a difference.

We look forward to seeing your submissions and good luck!

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Judges Composed of Esteemed Communication and Community Leaders

The submissions will be scored based on public votes and evaluation by a panel of judges.

Download Judging Rubric

Imam Sikander Hashimi

Current Imam in Kanata, former Kingston Imam; Journalist, Teacher & Marketer

Amira Elghawaby

Amira is a Journalist and the Communications Director and Former Human Rights Coordinator at the National Council of Canadian Muslims.

Dr. Adnan Hussein

Queen’s Associate Professor of History & Islamic Studies, Head of “Muslim Societies Global Perspectives” Campus Organization

Yasin Osman

Toronto-based free-lance photographer; spearheaded community-based initiatives like #shootforpeace, a program for children in Regent Park

MAXFilm4Change: Video Competition 2017 Rules and Regulations

Possible Formats

Recommended Guidelines

Possible Formats

Live action, animation, spoken word or musical performance, interview, documentary, explainer video, short film.

High scoring submissions will have a high quality of production.

High scoring submissions will also use a novel video format or adapt an established format to unique effect.


Subject Matter & Themes


Define the problem of Islamophobia today and offer practical solution(s) to build bridges within our local and global community.

High scoring submissions will address the issue from a variety of perspectives and consider extensions to society as a whole.


Define the Problem of Islamophobia Today


Illustrate individual Muslims’ experiences of Islamophobia or the diverse ways Muslims from different walks of life experience Islamophobia.

Highlight the intersections of Islamophobia with other forms of discrimination or marginalization (eg. racism/sexism).

Illustrate practical ways to building bridges within our community, that is, demonstrate how can Muslims be agents of social change.

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MAXFilm4Change Video Contest 2017 Submission

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