Our Vision:

To empower our youth with the tools, skills, and experience to become aspiring leaders and role models of tomorrow

What makes MAX Youth Fellowship unique?

One-on-One Mentorship

You are as strong as your network. Be mentored by an early career professional. Learn the strategies to become a better learner, student, navigator, and leader.

Be part of an impactful mentorship. Nourish your growth!

Hands-on Learning & Development

We have designed an innovative program where youth engage with educators, mentors, and other youth in a series of hands-on workshops that transform youth’s learning and growing experience.

Have we got your attention? Want to know more?


Apply as Youth Fellow

Are you 14-20? Become a youth fellow! Develop a strong skill set and be rewarded a $500 bursary upon completion of the program!

Apply as Mentor

Above 20 and interested in working with youth? This is your chance to give back and build coaching and communication skills!

$500 bursary upon the completion of the program*

Apply Here


Self-development skills
Emotional intelligence
Communication skills
Exposure to different careers
Financial literacy
Improved learning skills
New friends


Program runs Feb. – Aug. 2019

3 hours biweekly workshops

1 hour of meeting mentor each month

Quick check-ins with coordinator


Supportive mentors helping you navigate school and life

Resume building and support with any applications

Caring coordinators closely working with you

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at fellowship@maxgala.com if you have any questions.  We will always be happy to hear from you.

Apply Here


Coaching skills
Communication skills
Experience working with youth
A sense of community
Networking with other mentors


Program runs Feb. – Aug. 2019

Attendance at one youth workshop each month (3 hours) with mentee

Meeting mentee each month (1 hour)


Coordinators will closely support you (as needed) in providing mentorship

If you seek mentorship for yourself, you have access to MAX’s early career mentorship program called MAX Mentors

About the Program:

The Muslim Awards for Excellence (MAX) Youth Fellowship is a targeted mentorship program for a diverse group of youth experiencing any challenge(s) that impedes their progress towards their goals. We aim to catalyze excellence amongst young Canadian Muslims through an innovative mentorship program that is two-fold.

  1. One-one-one Mentorship: A near or early career professional is matched with a young person currently enrolled in high school to mentor and improve career and life prospects for that young person.
  2. Focused Skill Development Workshops: Youth attend interactive workshops designed to improve their career prospects and help them network with industry insiders.

Mentorship Approach:

MAX Youth Fellowship utilizes a strength-based mentorship approach. This focuses on the positive aspects of young people’s lives and asks mentors to nurture youths’ inner strengths and gifts. The objective is to focus on effective mentorship and embracing the goals and ambitions of the youth involved. Strength-based approaches promote healthy child and youth development by building relationships with caring adults within supportive community environments. Strength-based approaches sharpen the mentee’s strengths, interests, abilities and capabilities. The mentor will provide support and consistency for mentees to learn, grow and change through their strengths and capacities.

If you have any questions, referrals, or comments please don’t hesitate to contact us at fellowship@maxgala.com.

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