Do you have a creative idea to address Islamophobia? Tell us about it!

Muslims in Canada and across the world are accomplishing excellence in various fields, are building bridges through outreach with other communities, but at the same time facing various types of Islamophobia.

At MAX we believe in excellence in the Muslim community in dealing with our neighbours, communities and all Canadians. We encourage all of you to open your mind and homes to non-Muslims and promote our shared values of ‘Peace’ and ‘Respect’.

In keeping with a standard for excellence and vision to “Elevate the Brand of Muslims”, MAX would like to mobilize our community’s talents to build bridges to address Islamophobia.

MAX is announcing “MAX AIC”, a call for proposals on a creative Submission to address Islamophobia.

MAX AIC stands for “MAX: Addressing Islamophobia Call”.

This will be run as a competition with judging after the deadline of June 30, 2019. Top 3 will be offered support and resources from MAX, including access to our network to help implement your ideas to become a reality.

While it’s impossible to eliminate all forms of hate, we can definitely channel efforts, shock and sadness about the recent events & strive towards coming up with effective approaches to address Islamophobia, whether it be through:

–          A widespread “Make a Muslim” friend campaign

–          Targeted visual campaigns

–          A music video

–          Training programs

–          Talk to Your Neighbour Campaign

–          Community Muslim nights

The above are only a few suggestions to get the creative juices going.

BE CREATIVE AND THINK OUT OF THE BOX.  MAX wants to hear from you!  

Help us all address something that deeply affects our community, Islamophobia.


Our judges will evaluate submissions and the top Finalists will be asked to present their plans in person.

MAX will then work with the Top 3 Winners to help effectively execute their plans, whether it be through help with:

–          Volunteers

–          Introductions

–          Technology Support

–          Project Management

–          Fundraising, If Needed, etc


3 to 5 page detailed proposal that outlines How To Address Islamophobia:

1)      Executive Summary (one to two paragraphs)

2)      The Main Individuals on Your Team To Implement This Idea

  • Their Experiences
  • Their Role In This Plan
  • What Motivates Them To Do This In Their Free Time

3)      The Elements of the Plan (Scope, Execution Plan)

4)      Timeline (90 day, 6 month, 1 year plan and beyond)

5)      Team Structure (Roles and Responsibilities)

6)      Resources You Have Versus Resources Needed (plans to acquire)

7)      How To Measure Success (key performance metrics)

8)      Miscellaneous (important elements not listed above)

9)      Appendix – You may add an additional 2 to 4 pages for Appendices

Deadline to Submit: June 30, 2019

Where to Submit: by email to