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MAX has received numerous generous and kind offers from several individuals within the our network. These concerned citizens, who are professionals within the MAX network, are looking to offer support to anyone; either within the MAX Network or in the broader community, who may need assistance during these unprecedented times. They are ready to help with errands for the elderly, talk about health concerns, financial assistance, among other various other forms of support.

MAX stands for “Excellence” and during these times, we want to be responsible citizens and uphold the ‘excellence’ that is central to our vision and mission, to positively impact our network and Canadians at large.

Please fill in the below form if you are:
  • Someone who is able to assist others who may need help during this unique time, by indicating “Volunteer To Help” and how you can provide assistance and the days/times.
  • Someone who needs, or knows a person that requires assistance, by indicating “Need Assistance” and filling in the requisite fields.

We have volunteers who will co-ordinate and determine if we can match the help being offered with the help being needed.

Times like these bring out the best in humanity. Here’s hoping that we can come together as awesome citizens and care for one another during these times.