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Project Description

The MAX Business Leader of the Year Award recognizes an inspirational Muslim business leader who has had a significant and positive impact on their community through their business leadership. Eligible candidates can include entrepreneurs and leaders of for-profit corporations and not-for-profit enterprises.

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Number of Awards: 1

Award Date: October 14, 2017

A nominee must:

  • Be Muslim majority-run
  • Be incorporated not-for-profit or registered charities
  • Be in operation in Canada for at least 1 year
  • Have a clearly defined and publicly available mission statement
  • Be in possession of an annual audited financial statements (available publicly or upon request), for the last 3 years or since incorporation, whichever is shorter
  • Deliver clear and measurable benefit to disadvantaged or marginalized members of the community. Eligible charities may seek to alleviate pain, spread joy or both
  • Strive to elevate the Muslim brand by promoting a positive image of Muslims and the Muslim community in Canada
  • The Award Selection Committee that will evaluate and select the MAX Platinum Award for Excellence recipients will comprise a total of 7 individuals. 4 of these individuals will be MAX members and will constitute the MAX Award Selection Committee.
  • Additionally, 3 non-MAX individuals will be selected based on the relevance of their work experience, level of education and contributions to the Muslim and non-Muslim community in Canada. More specifically, the external judges will ideally include 1 working professional, 1 Imam or Community Leader, and 1 homemaker. These external judges will be nominated by the MAX Awards Committee and selected by vote.
A nominator must:

  • Apply online by March 31st, 2017th
  • Fill out nomination application in full, found here, and select “MAX Charity of the Year” from the drop down menu
  • Upload their most recent annual financial report and financial account summary

All applications will be judged by each member of the MAX Award Selection Committee (4)*; the top 9 candidates will be nominated for further review and deliberation by the Award Selection Committee (7)*, which will include the 3 external judges. The Award Selection Committee will then nominate 5 candidates to participate in the public polling process conducted by MAX.

The winners of the MAX Platinum Awards of Excellence will be selected base on 2 criteria (Merit + Public Vote):

1. Merit (75%**): All finalists’ applications will be evaluated by each member of the Awards Selection Committee (7)* and scored against a rigorous evaluation rubric.

2. Public Vote (25%**): Once the short list is announced on the website, the public will have an opportunity to vote for who they believe should win.

The candidates with the 3 highest weighted average scores will be the award recipients at the MAX Gala. The decision of the Award Selection Committee will be considered final.

Nominees who have been short-listed as finalists (top 5) for the Award will be notified by email by May and will be expected to attend the annual MAX Gala where they will be briefly announced and profiled as a Finalist.

* Denotes the number of committee members
** Represents the numerical weighting of the criteria in the weighted average score.

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October 14, 2017

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MAX Awards Selection Committee review and evaluate applications to select top 20 finalists

Awards Selection Committee evaluate finalist nominations to short-list top 9 finalists

Finalists notified by email of their finalist status

Public voting open

Award winners determined

Award winners announced at the 2nd Annual MAX Gala

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