The MAX Business Leader of the Year Award recognizes an inspirational Muslim business leader who has had a significant and positive impact in business and community initiatives. Eligible candidates can include leaders of for-profit corporations and not-for-profit enterprises. 

Eligibility Criteria

A nominee must:

  1. The nominee must be a self-identified Muslim, and Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
  2. Currently engaged in a leadership role in a business venture in a for-profit corporation or not-for-profit enterprise.
  3. Demonstrated leadership qualities that have enabled successful business outcomes. These qualities may include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • Creativity and innovation
    • Unique or advanced technical proficiency
    • Ability to develop, communicate and build consensus for a vision
    • Willingness to take and ability to manage risks
    • Ability to drive and manage organizational change
    • Ability to empower teams to strive for excellent business outcomes
  4. Has had a significant and positive impact on their community, industry, and employees
  5. Actively strives to elevate the Muslim brand by promoting a positive image of Muslims and the Muslim community in Canada
  6. Has demonstrated commitment to serving his/her community through volunteerism, charitable giving, or other activity

Judging Process

MAX Advisory Board and a panel of prior year winners & finalists will be judging all qualified candidates based on merit.