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“Inspired by my late father, who cared deeply about Muslims and believed that we should positively contribute to society by being leaders in the sciences, technology, business, law, social sciences, and ethics.”

Aazar Zafar, MAX Co-Founder

Welcome To MAX – Muslim Awards for Excellence

Islamic history is full of examples of excellence in all fields – Astronomy, Medicine, Mathematics, Physics, Horticulture, Art, Philosophy, Law, Education and many others. Islam experienced a Golden Age of prosperity while most of the world was struggling through the Dark Ages. Many roots of modern knowledge and education stem from the teachings and discoveries of Muslim scholars and philosophers.

Such examples of excellence can still be found in today’s more globalized environment. In an effort to recognize, celebrate, encourage and motivate such achievements, the concept of MAX was born.

THE VISION: To elevate the brand of Muslims in Canada by recognizing & motivating high achievement.

What is MAX?

Recognize, reward, celebrate & motivate high achievement, positive and productive contributions to society by Muslims in Canada.

Our aim is to establish and deliver a sophisticated annual high-end gala event attended by our community, guests, and media, where the announcement of award and scholarship winners will take place.

6 Professional Awards recognizing selected significant achievements and contributions to Canadian society by professionals for exemplary achievement in a professional domain or community initiative

2 MAX Lifetime Achievement Awards recognizing significant life time contributions made to the Muslim community in Canada

16 scholarships awarded to high-achieving university and high school students

Our Advisory Board

Our Volunteers

Our Sponsors

Our Community Partners

Anatolia Islamic Centre

Al-Falah Islamic Center

Bosnian Islamic Association

Carleton University MSA

DAR Foundation (Masjid Al Ihsan)

Halton Islamic Association (Halton Mosque)

Islamic Community Centre of Milton (ICCM)

Islamic Information and Dawah Centre

Islamic Centre of Canada (ISNA)

Islamic Propagation Center (Jami Masjid) a.k.a. Coopers

Islamic Society of Peel – Brampton Makki Masjid

Islamic Forum of Canada

Islamic Foundation of Toronto

Islamic Institute of Toronto (IIT)

Jame Abu Bakr Siddique Masjid

Khalid Bin Al-Waleed Mosque

Masjid Al-Farooq Islamic Centre

Milton Masjid – Muslim Association of Milton

Muslim Welfare Centre

Masjid Toronto @ Adelaide

Masjid Toronto @ Dundas

McMaster University MSA

Olive Grove School

Queen’s University MSA

Ryerson University MSA

Sayeda Khadija Centre (SKC)

TARIC Islamic Centre

University of Toronto MSA

University of Waterloo MSA

University of Western Ontario MSA

University of Windsor MSA

Financial Statements

At MAX we strive for “Excellence”, also known as “Ihsaan”. As part of this, we operate as a team in a collaborative and transparent manner. We are happy to share with you our financial statements. MAX is a registered Not-for-Profit organization. We are here as a community to show the excellence being achieved by our community.

MAX Financial Statements – December 31 2017
MAX Financial Statements – December 31 2016

Mandate of Inclusion and Equity

MAX and its representatives are committed to addressing the social and institutional inequalities that are present in our communities and inevitably permeate our organizational structure. In doing so, we recognize that within the Muslim community we are stratified along multiple axes of experience and therefore we must all make an active effort to include traditionally marginalized or underrepresented members by ensuring their visibility and including their voices in all aspects of decision making. Moreover, we realize that MAX and its audience will benefit from the multiple and rich perspectives brought forth through the inclusion of Muslims who represent diverse experiences and backgrounds. Specifically, we acknowledge the following:

The varying levels of oppression or marginalization which affect members of the Muslim community differently, which is mediated by factors such as race, class, gender and physical ability.

That as active holders of positions of power in this organization, it is our responsibility to create an inclusive, anti-oppressive environment and expend our energy, time and resources to promote anti-oppressive practices and activities